A brass quintet based near Cambridge & Haverhill, UK

Sunday, March 29, 2009

TUBE & Simply Reeds

Saturday 25th April - 7.30pm
Perse School for Girls - Cambridge

TUBE are very excited to announce a joint concert with Simply Reeds, Cambridge's premier saxophone and clarinet quartet. This mixture of metals, reeds and food-grade hosing promises to be an unusual and entertaining affair.

Central to TUBE's contribution will be Street Song by Michael Tilson Thomas, a masterpiece of the quintet repertoire. Not only that, we'll also be bringing our trademark hoses and copper piping to Cambridge for the first time. A dash of jazz and renaissance music should round off an enticing concoction.

Simply Reeds are well known in the area for their high-quality clarinet and saxophone playing. They'll be bringing a substantial number of instruments to the party, as well as arrangements written specially for the two groups combined.

Not to be missed!