A brass quintet based near Cambridge & Haverhill, UK

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Trombone - Sarah Minchin

Sarah began learning piano and violin at an obscenely early age, but by the time she was nine had developed a yearning to play the French Horn. On visiting her village Brass Band, she quickly received her first lesson (along with the information that “we don’t have them things in a Brass Band, Dear); that if you learn with a Brass Band you tend to be given the instrument which is in the cupboard, because that is the player the Band is short of.

Proudly bearing a Trombone home, Sarah began a relationship with the instrument which would take her to Haverhill, where she met Paul Farr, Tim and Gavin, many local groups and orchestras, County groups, the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain, where she became Section Leader and eventually to the Royal Northern College of Music.

Now living and working in Cambridgeshire, Sarah plays mainly with Tube and the Prime Brass 10 piece and quintet.